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Vandalism in The Glen!

Hello fellow Friends of Glen Nayook:

It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you about very significant vandalism which has been inflicted on “our Glen”.

During the last working bee, on Sunday 12 November, the Friends of Glen Nayook volunteers were confronted with disastrous and willful vandalism of a large area of Glen Nayook. These vandals have done severe environmental damage at the bottom section of the park parallel with the river. Tracks have been smashed through bushland, crossing the walking track at many places: tree ferns have been pushed over. At the bottom of the track an area behind the seat has been trashed and the unique orchards and native sedges rampaged over. It appears the damage has been caused by bike riders in their quest for fun!!!!

It was very stressing for our volunteers to see such willful damage especially after all the hours our volunteers have spent in trying to make the park an enjoyable place for a safe and quite walk in pristine conditions in the solitude of nature! In fact the destruction brought sadness and tears to all those present!

To try to prevent this type of willful damage occurring in the future the following actions have been taken;

  • The police have been notified and they intend to increase their patrols in the area.
  • Parks Victoria (PV) have been informed. They have inspected the damage and taken pictures; they intend to highlight the destruction on the PV web page and also on the PV facebook page. PV to contact the local motorbike riders association to ask for help in identifying the culprits. PV are considering what further action is required..
  • Our local MP Gary Blackwood is providing much needed support.
  • A letter highlighting the problem has been sent to the Warragul Gazette.

An ongoing effort is required to identify the perpetrators and to stop further vadalism. It is respectfully requested that if you notice any suspicious action near Glen Nayook you report it to the Police or Parks Victoria immediately.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Bob Read


Plant Lists

Two plant lists have been added to the site today, one for ferns and one for flowering plants. We hope these lists will be of interest to visitors who like to explore the flora of the reserve. Please contact us if you have Identified a plant which is not yet recorded for the reserve or if you would like to report an error. Your input is much appreciated.

We hope to publish a plant list for mosses and liverworts in the near future.


Logo Friend of Glen Nayook with border


WELCOME to the opening of the Friend’s of Glen Nayook (FOGN) blog!

The purpose of our blog is to create greater awareness of Glen Nayook and its wonderful features. Initially this blog will be limited in size; however, its content will be expanded in the coming months to cover all features of “The Glen”, including comprehensive lists of indigenous animals, birds as well as native plants. To help us make these lists as comprehensive and up to date as possible, we encourage everybody to visit Glen Nayook and to contribute this blog any special things you has noticed during your visit. Experiencing this wonderful “little gem” is a moderate 45 minute return walk from the car park.

Please share your experience with other people who love Glen Nayook!